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Application guide - gasketing beads of silicones and sealants form in place
Last Updated: 31/12/2011

Application guide - gasketing beads of silicones and sealants form in place


Customers applying gasketing materials or form in place or similar, require a precision dispense valve system to provide control and accuracy when making these beads of viscous silicones, sealants, RTVs, etc.

Solution to use a TS5322 mini spool valve fed by a TS918-110 cartridge reservoir system and controlled by a TS350 digital controller unit. Material is fed under pressure to the valve which is opened by the TS350 either by foot pedal or as part of an assembly machine when connected to a PLC. This system will ensure fast and controlled gasket beads are made without mess, waste or gaps. The valve piston shuts off against the flow and therefore creates a suck-back action to eliminate oozing and mess. If the gasket material is to be fed by a high pressure pail pump, the solution is to use a TS941 spool valve, TS350 controller.

The valve is compact and therefore easily positioned above, to the side or below the work piece. For multiple valve installations, a manifold is used. Stroke adjustment on each valve can be used to fine tune the accuracy. These valves can run a high speed repeatable deposits or on continuous flow.


System supplied with a selection of components including fluid lines connectors, tips, tubes, caps and fittings. Supplied with universal power supply, airline connection kit, foot pedal, valve mounting bracket, user guide, etc. Ready to use out of the box.

Parts used: TS5322 mini spool valve (or TS941 spool valve), TS350 digital controller, TS918-110 cartridge reservoir system 310ml (1/10 gallon), TTN22 smooth flow tapered tips, TSD931-7 tip adapter, TSD931-6 tip adapter, 7015LLBPK tip cap.

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