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Application guide - solder paste dots to PCBs using digital timed syringe dispenser
Last Updated: 31/12/2011

Application guide - solder paste dots to PCBs using digital timed syringe dispenser


Customers applying solder paste to small PCBs by hand. Making small repeat deposits of paste direct from syringe barrels containing dispense grade solder paste/ solder cream. Often replacing manual methods such as hyperdermic syringes. Objective is to eliminate costly waste and mess and ensure no rejects or rework.

Solution to use a TS350 digital timed pneumatic dispenser with 30cc barrels and smooth flow tapered tips. Reduces any waste by applying repeatable deposits that can be adjusted. Can store up to (10) memory time settings. Has a shot counter to show number of deposits made. Teach function allows correct deposit size to be found quickly.

Syringe is held like a pen. The soft taper tip is touched to the substrate and the foot pedal pressed to make a deposit. Air pressure it adjusted to increase/ decrease flow and shot size. Timer is adjusted to increase/ decrease shot size. Timer mode switched off if continuous beads are required.


Dispenser supplied with a selection of components including tips, barrels, caps and fittings. Supplied with universal power supply, airline connection kit, foot pedal, syringe stand, user guide.

Parts used: TS350 dispenser boxed with accessories, 73003RHB syringe adapter assembly 30cc, TTN27 smooth flow tapered tip 27 gauge, customers own solder paste in 30cc barrel.

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