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Hot melt dispensing systems & accessories

High performance hot melt glue dispensing systems for manual hand controlled or fully automated use. A range of robust melter units with heated hoses, pattern controllers, nozzles and accessories. For product assembly or carton packaging as well as many other applications.

Adhesive Dispensing Ltd provide a wide range of equipment options for dispensing almost all assembly fluids - from watery liquids, solvents, primers and activators through to thick pastes, sealants, silicones, gels and epoxies.

Hot melt controllers

THERMADOSE� Positive-displacement, all-electric Hot Melt systems are designed to provide the ultimate in temperature controlled thermoplastic delivery and dispensing for industrial applications using pressure sensitive adhesives, contact adhesives, waxes and sealants. Machine options are available for non-adhesive processing applications that require ultra-clean delivery, these systems are designated as �NA.� Products are RoHS compliant and CE approved.

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Selecting a hot melt dispensing system
Selecting a hot melt system

A simple six step approach in selecting a complete hot melt system that help make the right decision for your application. And of course our engineers are available to discuss your application in more detail by phone or email.

Melter tank units
Tank controllers
Hot Melt tank controllers are available in three sizes of tank capacity. The selection is dependent upon material usage and frequency of operation. When coupled to a range of heavy-duty heated accessories, the tank controller becomes part of a system that can be manually configured, for example, with a hand-gun or interfaced to a robot for fully automatic operation.
Solenoids, manifolds and flow heads
Heads, solenoids, manifolds
Electric and air operated applicator valve heads designed for mounted Installations featuring a fast "snap" function solenoid valve with precise needle-and-seat action producing a clean cutoff preventing drip. Edge dispensing manifold applicators are commonly used in corrugated or folded carton applications to dispense hot melt in either horizontal or vertical modes.
Hoses and accessories
Guns, hoses and applicators

A range of heated hoses are both electrically and mechanically attached to hot melt controllers via easy front access connector. Ergonomic and lightweight balanced dispensing guns with an integrated hanger for suspension hook up. Vertical electric applicator overhead dispensing units with precise one or two hand controls. No air required.

Nozzles, swirl nozzles, timers

Hot Melt dispensing nozzles for fitting to applicator valves, manifolds and flow heads. Swirl assemblies and pattern nozzles. Event timers are available in 2-Event and 4-Event Non-Speed Compensated models with independently selectable channels. Accessories include tank controller stands and flushing compound.

Pail pump system
5 Gallon pail hot melt system
THERMADOSE� Hot melt pail pump systems are available in 5 gallon and 55 gallon models. They are the culmination of many years of thermal engineering and practical experience resulting in a unique design that is functional and safe, providing optimum efficiency in temperature control and pulse-free pump technology.

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