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Sealants Product Description - a brief guide
Potting Encapsulating: Acrylic - Acrylic Sealants exhibit good adhesion to most surfaces and remains ductile in the presence of ultravio
Conformal Coating Product Description - a brief guide
Conformal Coatings: Acrylic - Acrylic Conformal Coatings are easy to apply. They dry to the touch at room temperature in minutes, have g
Potting Encapsulating Product Description - a brief guide
Potting Encapsulating: Acrylic - Epoxy potting compounds are availanble in one or two-component formulas. They offer the widest range of
Adhesive Technical Information Chart
Adhesive Technical Information Chart:
Epoxy Definition
Epoxy - Available in two-part or one-part, both room temperature and heat curable formulations, epoxy adhesives provide high strength bonds on a wide variety of substrates. The bond can often t
Polyurethane Definition
Polyurethane - One or two-part urethane adhesives provide superior bonds with minimal surface preparation for today's high performance thermo sets and thermoplastics. They provide excellent fle
7015LLPK Orange Colour Tip Cap Seal Luer Lock
7015LLPK Orange Colour Tip Cap Seal Luer Lock Product Description Part 7015LLPK is a tip cap seal made from polypropylene that will seal the end of a syringe b
Applying solvent based contact adhesive to hair brushes.
Dilatent Definition
Dilatent - A liquid where viscosity (thickness) increases with shearing rate (when you stir it). Dilatent is the opposite of Thixatropic.
Accelerator Definition
Accelerator - A fluid used to speed up material curing Usually a low viscosity single part liquid. Sometimes supplied as an aerosol, in a can or in a bottle with a brush.
Activator Definition
Activator - A fluid used to cure an adhesive or clean a component prior to the adhesive being applied. Sometimes associated with Cyanoacrylates in brush or spray format. Also used as the second
Acrylic Definition
Acrylic - A structural adhesive capable of bonding a broad range of substrates including most types of plastics and metals both minimally prepared and unprepared. Two-part catalyst cure or one
Alloy Definition
Alloy - A combined substance of two or more metals or a metal and non-metal that fuse together and dissolve in each other when molten.
Anaerobic Definition
Anaerobic - A one-part adhesive/sealant that cures only in the absence of air. Designed for locking screws, nuts, bolts and/or retaining bearings, shafts, etc. A single part adhesive. Supplied
Aqueous Definition
Aqueous - Meaning water based fluid or containing water. Common glues including PVA, wood or paper glue. Easily dispensed with manual or air-powered dispensers.
Balling Definition
Balling - A solder paste term. A separation effect when the liquid carrier is forced out of the solids.
Braze Paste Definition
Braze Paste - A paste or flux material. For alloys that melt above 425 deg c. Easily applied using air-powered syringe dispenser.
Caulk Definition
Caulk - Uusally a sealant or silicone used to fill gaps as well as describing the process of gap filling.
Centipoise Definition
Centipoise - Normally written as cps, this is a way of measuring the viscosity (thickness) of a product. The higher the number, the thicker the fluid. 100cps = 1 POISE. 1 cp = 1 mPas.
Conductive Epoxy Definition
Conductive Epoxy - A term used with fluids that will conduct electricity. These materials often come pre-packed in dispensing barrels or cartridges.