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DX9010 Electric Finger Switch for TS Series Dispensers
Last Updated: 21/11/2022

Product Description

The DX9010 is an electric finger switch for use with the TS250, TS255, TS350, TS355 & TS500R digital timed dispensers/ controllers. It replaces the foot pedal and allows the operation of the dispenser at the touch of a button. The finger switch attaches to the tip end of any size syringe barrel or some metering valves. The cord runs alongside the airline hose or fluid pipe. The button requires only 5 oz. (1.39 N) of force to actuate. Total switch travel of only 0.050 Inch (1.3mm).

Typical Applications

Use this finger switch for dispenser control where operation of the foot switch is not possible or convenient.


1. Plug the pin connector to the rear of the dispenser.
2. Uncoil the cord and push the finger switch over the syringe or valve end. Tighten the screw bevel to secure.

3. Secure cord to air adapter hose or fluid line.
4. Set timer control on dispenser and press button to operate.

Technical Information

Button Force:

1.39 N

Switch Movement:



Polypro, Nylon, Steel

Never pull on cord when disconnecting the unit. Always hold plug to avoid damage to cord.

Health & Safety in Use
The DX9010 is safe and hygienic, reducing risk of operator contact with any materials being dispensed. This finger switch attaches easily to the syringe or valve to minimise the risk of repetitive strain injury. For high volume dispensing, we recommend a TS250 pneumatic syringe barrel dispensing system rather than manual syringe assemblies.


- Total hand control of dispensers

- Light electric button control

- Compatible with TS series dispensers

- Lightweight

- Always available from stock

-12-month warranty

View product here Dispenser electric finger switch Adhesive Dispensing DX9010 Techcon
Download data sheet here

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