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TSD800-6 Dispenser 5-Micron Air Filter
Last Updated: 21/11/2022

Product Description

The TSD800-6 is an air filter recommended for use with all pneumatic operated dispensers and electro pneumatic valve controllers. Dispensers require a source of compressed air that is clean and dry. Moist air can damage the internal electronics of a dispenser and will affect the curing of the adhesive. The TSD800-6 ensures 99.9% of moisture is filtered from the air supply to the dispenser.

Typical Applications

Use this filter with any air powered dispensing controller between the mains air supply and dispenser input hose.


1. Attached dispenser hose to 1/4 Inch thread filter outlet.
2. Attach mains air to 1/4 Inch thread filter inlet.

3. Set air supply between 60 to 100 psi.
4. Drain filter bowl of liquid and change filter when required.

Part Numbers


Air filter


Air filter with regulator


Air regulator

Technical Information

Part ID:


Connection In:

1/4 Inch NPT

Connection Out:

1/4 Inch NPT

Bowl Material:


Flow Rate:

6 scfm

Maximum Pressure:

100 PSI

Price and Lead Time

The TSD800-6 air filter is available competitively priced and is available from stock. Please contact us for a quote.


The TSD800-6 air filter is supplied in sealed packaging with full assembly instructions.

Health & Safety in Use

The TSD800-6 is safe to use and simple to install, reducing risk of moisture in an air line from damaging dispensing equipment and affecting adhesives. This air filter attaches easily to a mains airline or compressor. For a filter with adjustable regulator and gauge, use our TSD800-6FR.


- 5 micron air filter

- Removes 99.9% of moisture

- Compatible with all dispensers

- Compact

- Always available from stock

- 12 month warranty

Most of our products are available to order from stock. Our extensive web shop provides a safe and secure method of ordering products. We also offer credit accounts. For UK customers, please fax your purchase orders to 0845 652 0059 and we´┐Żll open an account for you.

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