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TS250 Digital Dispenser Datasheet
Last Updated: 31/05/2023
TS250 Digital Timed Syringe Dispenser Datasheet

Product Description

The TS250 is a benchtop pneumatic dispenser with LCD display, digital timer and vacuum suck-back for timed deposits or controlled beads of most liquids and adhesives. This dispenser is foot pedal controlled.

Typical Applications

The TS250 will dispense most adhesives, solvents, glues, sealants, silicones, pastes, gels and epoxies. Will provide a controlled application of material without hand fatigue. The timer allows for repeat dots if required.

Instructions For Use

1. Connect dispenser to compressed air supply (air hose included).

2. Attach the male quick connect on adapter assembly to the female quick connect on the front of the TS250.

3. Connect a filled syringe barrel to the other end of the air adapter and attach a needle tip.

4. Adjust air regulator to 10 psi to start.

5. Aim the syringe and needle tip to touch the substrate.
6. Press the foot pedal and move the needle tip.
7. Increase air pressure for faster flow or decrease.
8. Use vacuum knob to produce syringe suck-back.
9. Use timer to set repeat shots if required.

All syringe components are available to order from stock. Components are industrial grade/ certified silicone free.

Technical Information


152mm x 165mm x 178mm


1.2 kg

Output Air Pressure:

0 - 100 psi

Input Air Pressure:

70 - 100 psi


0.020 - 60 seconds

Input Voltage:

100 - 240 V AC

Cycle Rate:

Up to 600 cycles/ minute

Timing Tolerances:

+/- 0.001%

Meets or Exceeds:



The TS250 is also available with a optional component kit (part # TS250-KIT). This kit includes 50 x syringe barrels, 50 x wiper pistons, 50 x syringe end caps, 50 x syringe tip caps, 50 x assorted needle tips. Please specify syringe barrel size (3cc to 55cc) at time of order.


The TS250 Dispenser is provided with a 12 month warranty against fault, failure and defect.

Health & Safety in Use

The TS250 is safe and hygienic, reducing risk of operator contact with the materials being dispensed. This product uses air power for use over long periods of time which minimises the risk of repetitive strain injury.


- Digital timer with large LCD display

- Vacuum suck back reduces drips

- Compact bench footprint design

- Handles most adhesive, sealants, pastes and gels

- Accepts industry standard syringe barrels

- Shot counter display

- I/O connect for external actuation if required

- Adjustable air regulator to 100 psi

- 12 Month Warranty � CE certified

The data, information and values contained in this Technical Data Sheet have been obtained by specific tests conducted in a controlled environment, and should be used for guidance purposes only. Although we believe them to be reliable and accurate, users should always conduct their own tests in their specific working conditions to ensure that the product is suitable and effective for use. It is the users sole responsibility to determine the suitability of the product for the application. We cannot be held responsible for the results of procedures undertaken elsewhere, nor for the safeguarding of personnel or property, all of which is the duty of the user. Suitability of products or methods is discretionary. Product dimensions and design are approximate and could be subject to change, without notice.

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