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TS1201 operating instructions for use with a gravity feed reservoir
Last Updated: 11/01/2012

The viscosity of the fluid to be dispensed by gravity, or a combination of gravity/siphon, must be low enough (1 to 800 cps).

A liquid tight seal must be made to the reservoir or supply source for gravity flow applications. In some cases, a hole can be drilled in the cap of the bottle containing the fluid. The hole should be small enough to provide a tight fit on the supply hose.

Once end of the suply hose should be cut off at a beveled angle and forced through the drilled hole untile it reaches the bottom of the bottle. If th ebottle is to be turned upside down, a vent hole must be punctured in the bottom of the bottle.

If gravity/siphoning is to be used from a plastic bottle, a vent hole must be made in the cap of the bottle, To prime the pen in the latter instance, close the vent hole with a plug of cover with fingertip, depress the penís ON/OFF lever to open the tube and squeeze the bottle to force the liquid through the pen.

Once all air has been purged
from the supply line, remove the plug from the vent hole and proceed with adjustments previously listed.

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