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Epoxy Definition
Epoxy - Available in two-part or one-part, both room temperature and heat curable formulations, epoxy adhesives provide high strength bonds on a wide variety of substrates. The bond can often t
Accelerator Definition
Accelerator - A fluid used to speed up material curing Usually a low viscosity single part liquid. Sometimes supplied as an aerosol, in a can or in a bottle with a brush.
Activator Definition
Activator - A fluid used to cure an adhesive or clean a component prior to the adhesive being applied. Sometimes associated with Cyanoacrylates in brush or spray format. Also used as the second
Acrylic Definition
Acrylic - A structural adhesive capable of bonding a broad range of substrates including most types of plastics and metals both minimally prepared and unprepared. Two-part catalyst cure or one
Alloy Definition
Alloy - A combined substance of two or more metals or a metal and non-metal that fuse together and dissolve in each other when molten.
Anaerobic Definition
Anaerobic - A one-part adhesive/sealant that cures only in the absence of air. Designed for locking screws, nuts, bolts and/or retaining bearings, shafts, etc. A single part adhesive. Supplied
Aqueous Definition
Aqueous - Meaning water based fluid or containing water. Common glues including PVA, wood or paper glue. Easily dispensed with manual or air-powered dispensers.
Balling Definition
Balling - A solder paste term. A separation effect when the liquid carrier is forced out of the solids.
Braze Paste Definition
Braze Paste - A paste or flux material. For alloys that melt above 425 deg c. Easily applied using air-powered syringe dispenser.
Caulk Definition
Caulk - Uusally a sealant or silicone used to fill gaps as well as describing the process of gap filling.
Centipoise Definition
Centipoise - Normally written as cps, this is a way of measuring the viscosity (thickness) of a product. The higher the number, the thicker the fluid. 100cps = 1 POISE. 1 cp = 1 mPas.
Conductive Epoxy Definition
Conductive Epoxy - A term used with fluids that will conduct electricity. These materials often come pre-packed in dispensing barrels or cartridges.
Cyanoacrylate Definition
Cyanoacrylate - A one-part adhesive that cures instantly on contact with mated surfaces. High strength, excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. Cyanoacrylates are available in a var
Hot Melt Definition
Hot Melt - A thermoplastic material that is melted in dispensing equipment and is applied in a molten state. It then wets the substrate surface and as it cools, it solidifies forming a bond. Ve