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AD300XL Large Air Barrel Assembly 300cc Size
Last Updated: 21/11/2022

Product Description

Industrial grade large barrel assembly with wiper piston, air cap, O-ring and airline hose. For use with a pneumatic dispenser.

Typical Applications

Wetted parts suitable for dispensing Cyanoacrylate adhesives, solvents, anaerobic adhesives, liquid fluxes, oils, lubricants, primers, activators, PVA glue, contact glues, solder pastes, grease and many other low to high viscosity materials.

Most of our components are available to order direct from stock.

Part Numbers


Assembly, Barrel, Piston, Cap, Hose 300cc


Assembly, Barrel, Piston, Cap, Hose 100cc


Assembly, Barrel, Piston, Cap, Hose 200cc


Assembly, Barrel, Piston, Cap, Hose 500cc


Barrel Only, 300cc


Piston Only, 300cc


Cap Only, 300cc


Airline Hose Only

Products are non-hazardous and do not contain any materials harmful to humans or animals. Please use care when running high pressure fluid or air through plastic parts. Replace parts when worn or excessive use.

Technical Information

Barrel Formulation

High Density Polypropylene

Piston Formulation

Low Density Polyethylene

Cap Formulation

High Density Nylon

Tubing Formulation

Flexible Polyurethane



Barrel Colour


Piston Colour


Cap Colour


Maximum Pressure

100 PSI (7.0kg/cm2)

Maximum Temperature

100 F (38 C)


Large Dispensing Barrel Assembly

Lead Time

This product is held in stock.


Available in packs of 1 or 10.

Health & Safety in Use

All barrels are safe to use to rated pressure and are silicone free, reducing risk of operator contact with the materials being dispensed and contamination of adhesives placed inside.

Further Information

Silicone-free plastic materials will not contaminate sensitive adhesives dispensed from them.

These products are for single use only. Do not re-use parts or clean with solvents as this might weaken the plastics and can cause contamination.

Shipped in sealed packaging with product label and batch codes. Not recommended for autoclaving.

View product here AD300XL 300cc Barrel Piston Kit (

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