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J2600 Series desktop robot dispensers

Dispensing robots automate most fluid assembly processes providing exact fast and repeatable deposits without mess, waste or errors. For making repeat dots, beads, arcs and circles with any fluid, adhesive or paste. Easy to setup and run and these systems are supplied with syringe dispenser as standard.

Adhesive Dispensing Ltd provide a wide range of equipment options for dispensing almost all assembly fluids - from watery liquids, solvents, primers and activators through to thick pastes, sealants, silicones, gels and epoxies.


Model J2600N industrial robot has a dispensing area of 24.41 x 20.07 inches (620 x 510mm), but the footprint is less than 25 inches (629mm) square for mounting on a standard workbench. The system is easily programmed using a teach pendant or an optional Windows software. Model J2600N is a popular dispensing robot in the J2000 bench robot series and can accept dispensing valves and syringes with tooling loads of 11Kg and 6Kg.

J2600 series robots have a maximum base work area of 620mm x 510mm.  In 3 axis indexing. The 3 axis will allow the head to index vertically to a height of 50mm as it moves X & Y.  All robots are supplied with a digital syringe controller, I/O cable, CE compliance start/ stop box, teach pendant, airline hoses, syringe bracket, slide adjustment and detailed instruction manuals.  Ready to use out of the box with comprehensive 1 Year warranty and detailed product/ technical support. 

• Dispense area 24.41
" x 20.07" (620mm x 510mm)
• Repeatability 0.01mm for precise dispensing
• No computer skills required
• 255 programs, 30,000 points of data to internal memory
• Available in two, three and four axis models
• Continous path motion for accurate XYZ dispensing
• Interpolates lines or arcs for three-dimensional dispensing
• Teach Pendant and (optional) PC programming

• J2000N-T - Teach Pendant (Included)
• J2000N-WIN - Windowsฎ Software (Optional)
• 561320-110V - I/O Control Box for up to five dispensers

• J2600-2CE: 3-Axis Robot 220V CE

I&J2600N 3-Axis Robot

• Operating Range: X-Axis: 620mm, is: 510mm, Z-Axis: 150mm
• Maximum Load: Worktable: 24.2lbs, Tool: 13.20lbs
• Speed PT: X & Y Axis: 8-800mm/sec, Z-Axis: 320/sec
• Speed C: X, Y, Z Combination: 0.1-800mm/sec
• Repeatability: ฑ0.01mm per axis
• Resolution: X, Y, Z Axis: 0.01mm
• Data Memory Capacity: 255 programs; 30,000 points
• Drive System: 5-phase stepping motor
• Operation System: Point to Point and Continuous Path
• Interpolation: XYZ simultaneous (CP) 3D linear interpolation
• Teaching Method: Remote & Manual Data Input (MDI) teaching
• PLC: 50 programs, 100 steps for each program
• I/O Signals: 16 input & 16 output signals
• External Interface: RS232C - one channel for PC, one channel for the teach pendant and one channel for external equipment (optional)
• Power Supply 100V: AC 90-132V consumption 200VA
• Power Supply 220V: AC 180-250V consumption 200VA
• Working Temperature: 0-40ฐ C
• Realitive Humidity (No Condensation): 20-95% no condensation
• Dimensions: 26.61" x 28.66" x 31.46"
• Weight: 94.6lbs.

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