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Precision Liquid Dispensers

Precision dispensing systems will accurately apply most adhesives, liquids, gels and pastes without mess, waste, error or hand fatigue. Simple to use systems for making measured amounts, controlled lines or accurate potting of almost any adhesive and assembly fluid.

Adhesive Dispensing Ltd provide a wide range of equipment options for dispensing almost all assembly fluids - from watery liquids, solvents, primers and activators through to thick pastes, sealants, silicones, gels and epoxies.

Dispensing systems for the controlled application of liquids, adhesives, pastes, gels, epoxies, sealants, greases, lubricants, inks, paints and primers. Fluids are applied without mess, waste or inconsistency. Thick pastes are easy to dispense without strain or fatigue to hands. Non timed dispensers for beads, lines and potting of fluids. Pneumatic timed dispensers will reduce the amount of adhesive used by quickly applying a precise and repeatable deposit each time.

Reduce assembly time by eliminating error. Select from non timed manual dispensers to digital timed and positive displacement air-free systems. Download our catalogue here.

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Footvalve dispensers
Pneumatic Dispensers
Non Timed

For beads or non-timed deposits of most fluids. Use a non-timed dispenser when a critical repeat deposit is not required. These systems run from an air supply and provide a simple method of dispensing to replace manual methods such as squeeze tubes, brushes or swabs. Adjustable air-control to set the flow rate. Quick vacuum exhaust to eliminate drips.

Analog dispensers
Pneumatic Dispensers
Analog Timed
For beads or repeat deposits of most fluids. Simple analog timed dispensers will handle watery liquids to thick pastes. The timer control is adjusted on the front of the machine using a timer knob. These systems are ideal for setting a deposit and making repeat shots each time the foot pedal is pressed. Most have a vacuum suck-back to prevent liquids dripping.

Pneumatic Dispensers
Digital Timed
For beads or repeat micro deposits of most fluids. The latest development in bench top dispensers sees the digital timers with LCD display providing more accuracy and control than the analog. Systems available with shot counter, teach mode, timer memory storage and I/O connectivity if automating a process. All the dispensers feature vacuum suck-back to prevent liquids dripping.
Valve controllers
Pneumatic Dispensers
Valve Controllers

For controlling dispense valves. Sophisticated digital valve controllers for operating all valves including diaphragm, needle, spool, spray and rotary auger. For operator control with foot switch or when linking to a PLC via the I/O. Controllers ensure the valve is operated rapidly and consistently. A universal controller is available that will run any type of dispensing valve from the same machine.

Low pressure dispensers
Pneumatic Dispensers
Low Pressure Systems
For beads or repeat deposits of watery liquids. Standard dispensers have a 0-100 adjustable air regulator and gauge to handle most fluids, thick or thin. This range of low pressure dispensers are designed to dispense only watery liquids such as Cyanoacrylates, Solvents, Alcohols, etc. By having a low pressure 0-15 psi air regulator and gauge - the adjustment for the shot size is more accurate.
Air Free Dispensers
Air Free Dispensers
and Accessorie

Air-free dispensing systems for beads or dots. A range of dispensers that do not require compressed air to dispense fluids. Use a peristaltic pump motor driven dispenser for handling watery liquids including Cyanoacrylates, UV cure, Solvents and Primers. Liquid is drawn from the glue bottle, down flexi-tubing and through the wand. Repeat deposits or beads.

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