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Custom Filled Hinge-Pack Mix Bags

Save on production time spent mixing and weighing two-component epoxies and silicones. The HingePack system offers a cost effective way to receive and mix any two part fluids at any mix ratio. The materials are shipped in a sealed bag ready for mixing.

Hinge packs are a flexible packet that holds pre-measured volumes of unmixed base material and catalyst to any ratio that you require in pack sizes up 250 grams. We supply them filled with your specified material. Either material that you buy and supply to us free-issue or where we supply the raw material packaged in a sealed hingepack.

Hinge packs are easy to use and safe. We guarantee your exact mix because the ratios are pre-set to your requirements and so weighing then mixing two-component materials is not required. Ideal for use with such fluids as epoxies, acrylics, silicones, polysulphides, urethanes, conductive and other two-part fluids.

The two parts of the material are kept separate by a plastic divider. The ends are simply pulled to remove the divider which is then used to mix the two parts. Once mixed, the corner is snipped and the material can be squeezed direct to your components (ideal for potting) or squeezed into a disposable syringe for gun or machine dispensing. Please contact us for sizes and options.

Hold each end and pull firmly to remove plastic divider Mix thoroughly on table top or any 90 degree surface until well mixed Cut corner and dispense or pour into any syringe barrel on a dispenser

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