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Fume Removal Systems

High performance filtration and extraction systems for the removal of unwanted adhesive and solvent fumes from the work space. Versatile products providing a safe and clean working environment when handling and dispensing liquids or aerosols that generate odours.

Fume extraction systems

Fume extraction and filtration systems for a safe working environment when handling adhesives, glues, aerosols, soldering systems and solvents. Removal and reduction of fumes, vapours, mists, particles and dust to the Control of Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations 2002 and 2004. Work in a safer environment when using chemicals and glues.

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Fume recirculatory systems
Recirculatory Systems

Recirculatory systems recirculate filtered air through filters and then safely back into the workplace via filters to reduce the effects of fumes and vapours. Supplied with powerful motors and main filters, use these systems when handling solvents, solvent based adhesives and soldering. Available with flexible arms or as bench top cabinet systems.

Extraction Systems
Extraction systems exhaust filtered air via a flexi-duct to the atmosphere outside the workplace. Recommended for use with very strong solvent and other fumes or long term exposure. These systems are cabinet type only and contain very powerful motors and filters to ensure a safe working environment. All systems are UK manufactured and CE certified.

Spares & Accessories
Accessories and spares for all fume extraction systems. Includes a wide range of replaceable pre-filters and main filters, hoses, clamps, brackets and other parts.

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