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1000T Digital Dispenser Explained
Epoxy Definition
Epoxy - Available in two-part or one-part, both room temperature and heat curable formulations, epoxy adhesives provide high strength bonds on a wide variety of substrates. The bond can often t
ADCBA 2K Dispenser Gun Explained
Bench-top fluid dispensing: Easy when you know how
Bench-top fluid dispensing: Easy when you know how Manual handheld, semi-automatic and automatic represent the three dispensing
Hot Melt Definition
Hot Melt - A thermoplastic material that is melted in dispensing equipment and is applied in a molten state. It then wets the substrate surface and as it cools, it solidifies forming a bond. Ve
Smooth flow tapered tips
Tapered tips explained Moulded polyethylene tapered tips provide a smooth flow for most assembly fluids. They are built to block UV ligh
1000T Digital Dispenser Overview