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Model 195 Semco Shot Meter System
Last Updated: 21/11/2022

Product Description

The 195 shot-meter is a positive displacement system for precise dispensing of 0.1 to 20cc of material. Ideally suited to syringe filling, this system uses the 2.5, 6, 8, 12, 20 and 32oz cartridges as material reservoirs. All the wetted parts exposed to material on this system are disposable to prevent damage and time consuming maintenance. The system is bench mounted and operated by the foot valve.

What’s Included

Each 195 shot-meter includes base unit, foot valve, airline hose, dasher rod, cartridge retainer, cartridge cap, cartridges and syringes.

Instructions For Use

1. Connect the 195 shot-meter to an airline.
2. Remove air cap, insert filled cartridge, re-attach cap.
3. Attach empty syringe with pre-inserted piston.
4. Set the stroke rate on the shot meter.
5. Adjust air pressure to cartridge.
6. Press the pedal and the metal piston will push the plastic dasher rod which in turn rotates a valve to push a volumetric quantity of material.

For high volume syringe filling, why not contact us to discuss receiving your syringes pre-filled. We supply most materials including pre-mixed and frozen.

Product Options


2.5oz Shot Meter


6oz Shot Meter


8oz Shot Meter


12oz Shot Meter


20oz Shot Meter


32oz Shot Meter

Systems are shipped with either a 13cc size piston or a 20cc size piston. Please specify at time of order.

Technical Details


80cm x 20cm x 38cm


7.3 kg

Cartridge Air Pressure:

1 to 100 psi

Shot Sizes:

0 to 13cc or 0.1-20cc


+/- 0.02cc


The shot meters are provided with a 12 month warranty against product fault or materials defect.

Health & Safety in Use

The shot meters are safe, reducing risk of operator contact with the materials being filled and reducing exposure to fumes. This system can be bench mounted for use over long periods of time which minimises the risk of repetitive strain injury when compared to manual filling techniques.


· Positive displacement accuracy

· Disposable wetted parts

· Panel mounted air regulator and gauge

· No exposure to fumes

· Reduced material waste than manual filling

· Will handle thick pastes and gels

· Simple to setup

· 12 Month Warranty

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