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TTN14 Smooth Flow Tapered Tip 14 Gauge Olive
Last Updated: 21/11/2022

Product Description

Highest quality. smooth flowing tapered dispensing tips in 14 Gauge size. Made from polyethylene 1.25 Inch (25.4mm) long. Double helix locking design hub. Inner diameter of 0.063 Inch (1.60mm). Silicone free and industrial grade safe to 100 psi.

Typical Applications

Use these tapered tips for making dots and beads of most liquids especially thick pastes, gels silicones, RTVs, sealants, fluxes, greases and adhesives. Can be used with all syringe barrels, luer bottles and dispensing valves.

Most of our components are available to order from stock. Products are of the highest quality and compatible with most dispensing systems and valves. Silicone free products are certified not to contain silicone mould release agents avoiding contamination. Industrial grade certification covers single use up to 100 psi fluid pressures.

Part Numbers

Part TTN14

14G 1.25 Inch Olive pack of 50 tips

Part TTN14-1000

14G 1.25 Inch Olive pack of 1000 tips

Technical Information

Tip Colour


Max Fluid Pressure

Up to 100 psi


Polyethylene MDPE


1.25 Inch (25.40mm)

Tip End ID

0.063 Inch (1.60mm)

Tip End OD

0.072 Inch (1.83mm)


Luer lock double helix thread


Tips are supplied in sealed packs of 50, 500 or in bulk packs of 1000.

Pricing and Lead Times

Our tips are competitively priced whether in a single box of 50 or in bulk packs of 1000. We hold extensive stocks and can ship for next day deliveries.


For precision dispensing, we recommend using these tips with our TS250 or 1000T pneumatic dispensing systems. For manual dispensing, use our TS730SG or TS755SG syringe gun applicators.

Health & Safety in Use

Tips are safe to 100 psi fluid pressures and are silicone free, reducing risk of operator contact with the materials being dispensed and contamination of any adhesives placed inside.


- Safe to 100 psi pressures

- Compatible with most liquids/ pastes

- Certified silicone free polyethylene

- UV filter material

- Smooth flow design

- Double helix luer locking hub

- Supplied in sealed packs

- Available direct from stock

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