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Semco cartridge to ADL conversion
Last Updated: 24/01/2012
Find the equivalent ADL part to the Semco cartridge.
With links to the product page and pricing.
All ADL parts are compatible.

Semco Part Code      Sizes                Type                         ADL Part No.

220315                      2.5 oz                   LOW DENSITY           TS25C

220316                      2.5 oz                   HIGH DENSITY          TS25C
220317                      6 oz                      LOW DENSITY           TS60C-LD
220318                      6 oz                      HIGH DENSITY          TS60C

220319                      8 oz                      LOW DENSITY          
220320                      8 oz                      HIGH DENSITY          TS80C
229689                      10 oz                    HIGH DENSITY          TS110C
220321                      12 oz                    LOW DENSITY          
220322                      12 oz                    HIGH DENSITY          TS120C
229734                      20 oz                    HIGH DENSITY          TS20C
232917                      32 oz                    HIGH DENSITY         

Cartridges are supplied in packs of 10 or bulk boxes. Cartridges are safe for use to 100 psi and are certified silicone-free plastics. We hold cartridges in stock. Plungers are also available from stock.

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