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Jet Tech Hot Melt Valve TS9300HM-SSD
Jet Tech Hot Melt Valve TS9300HM-SSD


Availability:: Obsolete
Product Code: TS9300HM-SSD

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Please note this product has been discontinued

The TS9300HM Hot Melt Jet Tech Valve Series are easy to clean valves that provide jetting temperatures up to 150 C while keeping the jet actuator below 55 C. The TS9300HM Valve Series features:
- An easily replaceable single diaphragm which eliminates dynamic fluid seals common in other jet valves.
- An isolated jetting mechanism that ensures fluids are contamination-free.
- Dual temperature controllers for the jet and the heater which allow the nozzle to be heated to optimum jetting temperatures while keeping the PUR fluid at reduced temperatures.
- Line speeds up to 100mm/sec and nozzle sizes from 64 to 400 um.
Designed For Quick And Easy Cleaning
This diaphragm design enables you to exchange syringe barrels quickly and requires minimal cleaning. To eliminate having to clean residual PUR between the syringe and the jet, the TS9300HM has a thermal jacket surrounding the high-temperature feed tube so the syringe can easily be removed with the feed tube attached. The valve also includes a disposable feed tube so only the nozzle plate and diaphragm are in contact with the fluid for quick and easy cleaning.
TS930 Standalone Controller
The stand-alone TS930 Controller is available to help program the TS9300HM Hot Melt Jet Valve. The TS930 Controller has dual independent temperature controllers and dual independent power supplies for the jet and the heater along with precision air regulators and gauges to fine-tune the jetting parameters. Six independent recipes can be input easily and stored using the fully programmable front panel on the TS930. Recipes can be triggered via a digital I/O connection for easy robot integration.
TS9300HM Hot Melt Jet Valve applications include:
Securely bonding components to circuit boards to protect against vibration.
Seal the housing of mobile devices to protect from moisture.
Part Numbers For The TS9300HM Series Hot Melt Jet Valve Series:
TS9300HM-SCD Hot Melt Jet valve with Silicone Carbide Diaphragm (nozzle not included)
TS9300HM-SSD Hot Melt Jet valve with Silicone Stainless Steel Diaphragm (nozzle not included)
TS9300HM-VCD Hot Melt Jet valve with Fluorocarbon Rubber Carbide Diaphragm (nozzle not included)
TS930 Controller
Contact us for nozzle size and type recommendation.
  • Hot melt dispensing up to 150 C
    No fluid seals to clean or replace
    Disposable feed tube for easy cleanup
    Separate nozzle and fluid heater
    Outstanding repeatabilty
    Viscosity range up to 7K cps at 100 C
    Tungsten carbide nozzle for long life
    Quick and simple maintenance