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SST6   Stainless Steel 6G Tube 4.98mm OD SST6
SST7   Stainless Steel 7G Tube 4.49mm OD SST7
SST8   Stainless Steel 8G Tube 4.04mm OD SST8
SST9   Stainless Steel 9G Tube 3.69mm OD SST9
SV1000SS   Stainless Steel Spray Valve 0.028" Round SV1000SS
TS1PB-1   Standard LDPE Black Plunger TS1PB pk/1
TS1PB   Standard LDPE Black Plunger TS1PB pk/10
TS1PB-SR-1000   Standard LDPE Black Plunger TS1PB-SR-1000
TS1P   Standard LDPE Blue Plunger TS1P pk/10
TS1P-SR-1000   Standard LDPE Blue Plunger TS1P-SR-1000
MC-887   Static Mixer Nozzle Evaluation Kit MC-887
5620-000-004   Stroke Adjustment Knob TS5622 Valves 5620-000-004
7504-0170-1   Supply Unit For 10cc Syringe for TS9220D 7504-0170-1
7504-0170-2   Supply Unit For 30cc Syringe for TS9220D 7504-0170-2
7504-0170-3   Supply Unit For 5cc Syringe for TS9220D 7504-0170-3
SH300   Syringe Bench Stand Holder Accessory # SH300
TS100   Syringe Bench Stand Holder Accessory # TS100
7090-9060   Syringe Bracket Assembly for TS7000 # 7090-9060
918-000-011   Syringe Bracket Production Clamp # 918-000-011
TS9000-SH-30ML   Syringe Heater MCH30-230, 30ML, TS9000, 1013388
AD816-SBC   Syringe Stand With Material Catch AD816-SBC
SYR19B   Syringe Storage Rack # SYR19B
SYR5W   Syringe Storage Rack # SYR6W
T500S-C   T500S-C Recirculatory Fume Filter Cabinet
T500S-D   T500S-D Fume Extraction Cabinet
T570H-C   T570H-C Recirculatory Fume Filter Cabinet
T660H-C   T660H-C Recirculatory Fume Filter Cabinet
T660H-D   T660H-D Fume Extraction Cabinet
T700S-C   T700S-C Recirculatory Fume Filter Cabinet
T930H-C   T930H-C Recirculatory Fume Filter Cabinet
T930H-D   T930H-D Fume Extraction Cabinet
19T-1000   Tapered Tip Cap Seal 10cc 19T-1000
18T   Tapered Tip Cap Seal 30cc/60cc 18T-1000
7016TTC   Tapered Tip Cap Seal 7016TTC pk/50
7504-0210   Tappet Centering Piece, Peek 7504-0210
7504-0360   Tappet Changing Tool 7504-0360
7504-0090   Tappet Guard 7504-0090
7504-0370   Tappet Guidance Tool 7504-0370
7504-0220-1   Tappet Sealing LX Ce TeDur 170 (1013327) 7504-0220-1
7504-0220-2   Tappet Sealing LX NBR 170 (1013130) 7504-0220-2
7504-0220   Tappet Sealing PE 7504-0220
7504-0150-8   Tappet TTF10, Tungsten Carbide 1mm (1013183) 7504-0150-8
7504-0150-5   Tappet TTF10, Tungsten Carbide 1mm 7504-0150-5
7504-0140-3   Tappet TTF10/Prot, Tungsten Carbide Tappet 1mm 7504-0140-3
7504-0150-7   Tappet TTF15, Tungsten Carbide 1.5mm (1013176) 7504-0150-7
7504-0150-6   Tappet TTF15, Tungsten Carbide 1.5mm 7504-0150-6
7504-0140-4   Tappet TTF15/Prot, Tungsten Carbide Tappet 1.5mm 7504-0140-4
7504-0150-1   Tappet TTF4, Tungsten Carbide 0.4mm 7504-0150-1
7504-0140-1   Tappet TTF4/Prot, Tungsten Carbide Tappet 0.4mm 7504-0140-1
7504-0150-2   Tappet TTF5, Tungsten Carbide 0.5mm 7504-0150-2
7504-0150-3   Tappet TTF6, Tungsten Carbide 0.6mm 7504-0150-3
7504-0150-4   Tappet TTF7, Tungsten Carbide 0.7mm 7504-0150-4
7504-0140-2   Tappet TTF7/Prot, Tungsten Carbide Tappet 0.7mm 7504-0140-2
560545   TD101 Tube Gun Adapter Fitting (pk/5) 560545
JR2000-02   Teach Pendant for JR Series Robots JR2000-02
TSR-TPENDANT   Teach Pendant for TSR Series Robots TSR-TPENDANT
20C-1000   Techcon Needle Cover 20C-1000
110-350   Techkit 1/10 gal. Foiled Mix Head 110-350 pk/250
110-340   Techkit 1/10 gal. Mix Head 110-340 pk/250
600-3600   Techkit 20oz Circle Wheel Mix Head 600-360 pk/100
600-370   Techkit 20oz Foiled Wheel Mix Head 600-370 pk/100
610-100   Techkit 6" Valve Rod no Piston 610-100 pk/100
610-100A   Techkit 6" Valve Rod with Piston 610-100A pk/100
600-080   Techkit 8" Ram Rod 600-080 pk/100
110-81   Techkit Barrier Type 1/10 Gallon 110-81 pk/50
110-81T   Techkit Barrier Type 1/10 Gallon 110-81T pk/50
250-61   Techkit Barrier Type 2.5oz 6" Rod 250-61 pk/50
250-61T   Techkit Barrier Type 2.5oz 6" Rod 250-61T pk/50
200-81   Techkit Barrier Type 20oz 8" Rod 200-81 pk/50
200-81T   Techkit Barrier Type 20oz 8" Rod 200-81T pk/50
600-61   Techkit Barrier Type 6oz 6" Rod 600-61 pk/50
600-81   Techkit Barrier Type 6oz 8" Rod 600-81 pk/50
600-81T   Techkit Barrier Type 6oz 8" Rod 600-81T pk/50
600-81T-NC   Techkit Barrier Type 6oz 8" Rod 600-81T-NC pk/50
800-81   Techkit Barrier Type 8oz 8" Rod 800-81 pk/50
800-81T   Techkit Barrier Type 8oz 8" Rod 800-81 pk/50
600-300   Techkit Circle Wheel Mix Head 600-300 pk/100
600-330   Techkit Foiled Half Closed Mix Head 600-330 pk/100
600-310   Techkit Foiled Wheel Mix Head 600-310 pk/100
600-320   Techkit Half Closed Circle Mix Head 600-320 pk/100
600-101   Techkit Head Rod Piston 600-101 pk/100
110-80   Techkit Injection Type 1/10 Gallon 110-80 pk/50
250-60   Techkit Injection Type 2.5oz 250-60 pk/50
250-80   Techkit Injection Type 2.5oz 8" Rod 250-80 pk/50
600-60   Techkit Injection Type 6oz 6" Rod 600-60 pk/50
600-80   Techkit Injection Type 6oz 8" Rod 600-80 pk/50
800-80   Techkit Injection Type 8oz 8" Rod 800-80 pk/50
600-200   Techkit Open Mix Head 600-200 pk/100
600-61T   Techkit Taped Barrier Type 6oz 6" Rod 600-61T pk/50
5620-000-011   Teflon Diaphragm Disc 5620-000-011
AD5620-000-002   Teflon Diaphragm Disc AD5620-000-002
5620TFE-DKIT   Teflon Diaphragm Repair Kit 5620TFE-DKIT
5622-000-003   Teflon Fluid Housing for TS5622VT 5622-000-003
5622VT-FHKIT   Teflon Fluid Housing Repair Kit # 5622VT-FHKIT
5620HT-FHKIT   Teflon Fluid Housing Repair Kit 5620HT-FHKIT
5620HT-000-001   Teflon Fluid Housing Replacement 5620HT-000-001
AD730D   Thick Fluid Pneumatic Spool Valve AD730D
TSD931-53   Threaded Reducer 1/8-27 to 10-32 Nylon TSD931-53
TS6P-BLACK-1000   Threaded Tip Cap Black TS6P-BLACK-1000 pk/1000
AD3PB   Threaded Tip Cap Blue AD3PB pk/10
AD3PB-1000   Threaded Tip Cap Blue AD3PB pk/1000
5601386   Threaded Tip Cap Red 5601386 pk/10
5601388   Threaded Tip Cap Red 5601388 pk/10
AD3P   Threaded Tip Cap Red AD3P pk/10
AD3P-100   Threaded Tip Cap Red AD3P pk/1000
AD3P-50   Threaded Tip Cap Red AD3P pk/50
TS3P   Threaded Tip Cap Red TS3P pk/10
TS3P-250   Threaded Tip Cap Red TS3P pk/250
TS3P-1000   Threaded Tip Cap Red TS3P-1000
TS4P   Threaded Tip Cap Red TS4P pk/1000
TS4P-1000   Threaded Tip Cap Red TS4P-1000 pk/1000
TS6P-RED-10   Threaded Tip Cap Red TS6P-RED pk/10
TS6P-RED-1000   Threaded Tip Cap Red TS6P-RED-1000 pk/1000
TS6P-RED-250   Threaded Tip Cap Red TS6P-RED-250
TS6P-RED-50   Threaded Tip Cap Red TS6P-RED-50
TS3PN   Threaded Tip Cap White Natural TS3PN pk/50
7090-0040   Thumb Screw for TS7000 # 7090-0040
1212-2250-100-2   Timed Dual Pinch Valve Tank System 1212-2250-100-2
7018044   Tip 14GA Stainless Steel .060 x 0.5 Inch Olive 45 Bend
7018045   Tip 14GA Stainless Steel .060 x 0.5 Inch Olive 90 Bend pk/50
7016906   Tip 14GA Stainless Steel .063 x 1.5 Inch Olive 45 Bend pk/50
5118TT-B   Tip 18GA Smoothflow Tapered Tip.033 Green
17T-1000   Tip Cap for 6cc Taper Syringe 17T-1000
7016TC-10   Tip Cover Scabbard Seal (pk/10) Part 7016TC-10
7016TC   Tip Cover Scabbard Seal 7016TC pk/50
7016TC-1000   Tip Cover Scabbard Seal 7016TC-1000
7016TC66   Tip Cover Scabbard Seal 7016TC66 pk/50
7016TC66-1000   Tip Cover Scabbard Seal 7016TC66-1000
7090-0130   Top Thrust Washer for TS7000 # 7090-0130
5000-000-080   Torque Wrench for TS5000 Valve 5000-000-080
5000-000-082   Torque Wrench for TS5000 Valve 5000-000-082
4B1200   Trigger Assembly for C-110CXO Gun 4B1200
7045-0120   TS Series Dispenser Air Line Holder 7045-0120
101-20G   TS Series Retainer Cap Gasket 101-20G
918-001-007   TS Series Retainer Cap Gasket 918-001-007
1201-000-001   TS1201 Pinch Valve Main Body 1201-000-001
1201-000-003   TS1201 Pinch Valve Modified Pin 1201-000-003
1201-000-002   TS1201 Pinch Valve Trigger 1201-000-002
TSD1150-7   TS1201 Valve Compression Spring TSD1150-7
AD1G-S   TS1205 Pressure Pot Rubber O-Ring AD1G-S
1212-002-000   TS1212 Adjustment Knob Assembly 1212-002-000
TS1212   TS1212 Air Operated Pinch Tube Valve
1212-000-007   TS1212 Pinch Valve Gasket 1212-000-007 pk/10
1212-RKIT   TS1212 Pinch Valve Repair Kit # 1212-RKIT
1212-003-000   TS1212 Piston Assembly 1212-003-000
TE998-ORING   TS1215 Pressure Pot Rubber Oring TE998-ORING
1254-250PE   TS1254 Fittings & Tubing Kit 1/4" 1254-250PE
1254-SIL   TS1254 Pressure Pot Silicone Oring 1254-SIL
1254-VITON   TS1254 Pressure Pot Viton Oring 1254-VITON
TS1258-250   TS1258 Fittings & Tubing Kit 1/4" TS1258-250
TS1258-375   TS1258 Fittings & Tubing Kit 3/8" TS1258-375
TS1258-EPR   TS1258 Pressure Pot Rubber Oring TS1258-EPR
TS1258-VIT   TS1258 Pressure Pot Rubber Oring TS1258-VIT
PT10-OR   TS22100 Pressure Pot Rubber Oring PT10-OR
PT2-OR   TS2220 Pressure Pot Rubber Oring PT2-OR
PT5-OR   TS2250 Pressure Pot Rubber Oring PT5-OR
TS2560-HG   TS2560-HG Pneumatic Cartridge Gun Dispenser
TS2560-PG   TS2560-PG Pneumatic Cartridge Gun Palm Grip
DMP16-10   TS5000DMP Feed Path 16 Pitch DMP16-10 pk/10
DMP6-10   TS5000DMP Feed Path 6 Pitch DMP6-10
DMP8-10   TS5000DMP Feed Path 8 Pitch DMP8-10
5420-000-002   TS5420 Needle Valve Body 5420-000-002
TSD931-44   TS5420 Needle Valve Collar TSD931-44 pk/10
5420-000-007   TS5420 Valve Luer Adapter Assembly 5420-000-007
5440-000-008   TS5440 Air Cylinder Assembly 5440-000-008
5440-000-008SS   TS5440 Air Cylinder Assembly 5440-000-008SS
5440-000-005   TS5440 Luer Adapter Spacer 5440-000-005
5440-000-006   TS5440 Luer Adapter Teflon Seat 5440-000-006
5440-000-004   TS5440 Needle Retaining Cap 5440-000-004
5440-000-001   TS5440 Needle Valve Body 5440-000-001
5440-000-007   TS5440 Needle/Piston Assembly 5440-000-007
5440-000-007S   TS5440 Needle/Piston Assembly 5440-000-007S
5540-ORINGKIT   TS5540 Oring Repair Kit 5540-ORINGKIT
A0100487   TS5540 Series Needle/ Piston Assembly # A0100487
T1000570   TS5540 Series Nozzle 0.014" T1000570
T1000589   TS5540 Series Nozzle 0.028" T1000589
T1000584   TS5540 Series Nozzle 0.046" T1000584
T1000598   TS5540 Series Nozzle Seat T1000598
T1000590   TS5540 Series Round Air Cap 0.014" T1000590
T1000585   TS5540 Series Round Air Cap 0.046" T1000585
T1000574   TS5540 Series Spacer Spare T1000574
T1000579   TS5540 Series Valve Body T1000579
T1000583   TS5540 Series Valve Locking RIng Spare T1000583
T1000600   TS5540 Spray Valve Cylinder T1000600
T1000599   TS5540 Spray Valve End Cap T1000599
T1000569   TS5540 Spray Valve Round Air Cap 0.028" # T1000569
TSD1400-495B   TS5540 Valve Viton O-Ring TSD1400-495B pk/10
7509-0010   TS5540-MS Micro Air Cap 7509-0010
7091-9080   TS6500 Air Filter Assembly 7091-9080
7091-9130   TS6500 Bearing Sleeve/Spindle Shaft Assy 7091-9130
7091-9030   TS6500 Cartridge Holder Assembly 20oz 7091-9030
7091-9010   TS6500 Cartridge Holder Assembly 7091-9010
CK6500-10   TS6500 Conversion Kit for 1/10 GAL Techkit CK6500-10
CK6500-20   TS6500 Conversion Kit for 20oz Techkit CK6500-20
7091-0740   TS6500 Holder Plunger Assembly 7091-0740
7091-9150   TS6500 Injection Cylinder Assembly 7091-9150
7091-0510   TS6500 LCD Display Cover 7091-0510
7091-9140   TS6500 Main Cylinder Assembly 7091-9140

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