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Food and Beverage Packaging and Processing

Our dosing valves provide precision control over the handling of cosmetics, foods, beverages and pharmaceutical liquids used in packaging and production applications. These valves that run all day, every day with low maintenance and high levels of repeatability.


Our valve systems dispense controlled, consistent amounts of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage products, as well as cyanoacrylates, solvents and UV-cure adhesives used in packaging and production operations.

Applications include:-

Dispensing repeat dots of cyanoacrylates and UV adhesives on containers with the compact and lightweight TS5600 series diaphragm valves.
Filling bottles and pouches with condiments, drinks and creams with the TS941 high-flow spool valve system.
Applying microdots or precise, thin beads of solvents with the TS5420 needle valve for tamper-proof shrink wrapping.
Spraying fine, consistent food coatings or release agents with the TS5540 series spray valves system. Also perfect for spraying ink for pass/fail marking or part identification.
Lubricating metal stock used in canning and metal stamping processes with the TS5520 series spray valves.


Popular Liquids Used

Food Additives

Popular Dispensing Applications

Lubricating Drink Can Tabs and Ends
Filling Perfume and Scent Bottles
Coating Food with Flavourings
Lubricating Foil Slitters
Shrink Wrapping
Bonding Cosmetic Cases to Compacts
Bonding Decal to Cork Tops
Filling Sauce Sachets
Spray Marking ID Products
Bonding Lipstick Assemblies

Typical products used for these applications include ...

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